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Trean Phillip

From the age of 7, I began my years of dancing at the Saint Lucia School of Ballet and Modern Dance. There, I spent three years nurturing my talent and forming my own style of dance. Ballet was never my favorite, but it sure taught me a lot in terms of dancing techniques as well as determination. After my ballet and modern dance classes, there were periods where these amazing dancers would show up nearby the dance studio and I would sneak in to watch them work magic with their bodies on stage. I even remembered their faces and admired them on the television whenever they were featured. Little did I know, at 12 years old I landed in the very same place I always admired. In October of 2014, I joined the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy, which opened up a completely new idea of dance for me. I was quite timid going into this new world of dance, but Silver Shadow was the place that unlocked a hidden form of expression in me. I was able to work over the years and transition through the different class levels. Along this journey, I have been given opportunities to dance locally and regionally which evolved my self-expression and movement. In between my school years at Saint Joseph’s Convent and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, I came across even more artistic opportunities such as stage management, dance choreography for school plays and modelling. I served as the secretary of my school’s photography club for three consecutive years. I love experimenting in anything related to arts and culture. Following many years of exposure to the artistic industry I am able to share her love for the arts with her kids whom she has been tutoring dance throughout the past year.