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Tracia Anthony

I am the astonishing and beautiful 19-year-old Tracia Anthony, a past student of the Vide Boutielle Secondary School. I have a passion for Dance, and for many years I have dreamt of myself as a dancer, taking leaps and bounds in making this dream become a reality. I started my dancing journey at the age of 5 years, by simply being involved in everything possible that brought me close to dance , for example dancing at my school , being involved in cheerleading, being part of dance clubs, taking Quadrille dance classes, gymnastics and performing at a number of local events. All of these experiences opened my mind and made me realize that I needed proper training to go further in dance. This led me to become a member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy for the past two (2) years. One of my favorite quotes that continues to motivate me is ‘if you are trying to find yourself, remember some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it but always Dance, dance wherever you may be.