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Sadia Chandler

I am Sadia Chandler 23 year old St. Lucian an aspiring actress and dancer. I have a deep passion and love for the performing arts. I discovered my talent in the area of dance from the early age of eight years. However it was theatre arts that was my genesis. I was introduced to the wonderful world of acting at high school and developed the passion for drama which I continued by being a member of Zenaida Productions, a prestigious organization for training in theatre arts. In my acting I have traveled as far as Africa to represent St. Lucia at an event called “Festival Mondial Des Negres”(The Negro Arts Festival). Nationally, I has been casted in a number of plays namely; The Coloured Museum, Masquerade Master, Tinday (a cultural play), The Merchant of Venice and most recently, The End Game which was also exhibited at the National Arts Festival. Whiles developing my acting I took a keen interesting in dance and further develop my dance skills as a member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy where I play an active role. I actively participate in a number of the cultural performances at a few prominent hotels in St. Lucia whilst being involved with National Festivals such as St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, National Arts Festival and Carnival. .I have being given the opportunity to represent the group and St. Lucia in regional Cultural exchanges such as the Rhythm and Motion Dance Festival in Trinidad In 2012, the Bele Festival in Tobago 2013 , the 11th Edition Carifesta in Suriname in 2013 and the 12th Edition of Carifesta 2015 in Haiti. I am featured in two of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy dance productions Mainly “Dance Mirage” in 2013 and “Poetry in Motion” in 2015. My dance training extends to various styles such as Afro-Caribbean, Contemporary, hiphop, Traditional/Folk and Modern dance.