Image of Sacha O'kizzi Alcee

Sacha O’kizzi Alcee

I am Sacha O’kizzi Alcee born on 18th January 2010. I am an intelligent Grade 5 student, of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School. I began my dancing career at the Camille Henry Memorial Primary School at the age of 6 years old, with Ms. Odol, in the after-school enrichment program. Soon after, I enrolled as a member of the St. Lucia School of Ballet, while actively involved in gymnastics class and taking additional classes as a member of Legacy Dance Academy. As my skills and abilities in dance continued to develop and grow, my improved talents were noticeable and I was continually being praised for my creative talent. In 2019 I decided to become a very happy member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy, which is now responsible for furthering my growth. Life is like dancing – it’s not about getting from one place to another, it’s about enjoying each step.