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Nerkisha George

I am eleven (11) year old Nerkisha George, a proud student of the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School. I became a member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy at the age of Six (6) years. I am currently taking classes in the areas of Modern dance and Contemporary dance however, my favorite dance styles are Afro- Caribbean Dance and Street Dance. I am from an Artistic Family background and I have performed in five (5) Dance Recitals and one (1) Major dance Production (Movements 2018). I am an active performer of the traditional Street masquerade and 3rd place winners in the Digicel Dance Challenge 2020. I am also involved in carnival arts as a reveler, costume decorator and costume builder in the Just Us Kids Jr. Carnival Band. Being involved in the arts brings purpose to my existence. Dance is Art, Paint the Dream and Follow it.