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Mataellia Breen

I am delightful eleven 11 year old Mataellia Breen, a student of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School. My dance journey began at the age of six, when I enrolled with the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy. I have participated in four 4-major Dance Recitals and one dance production Called Movements in 2018. Silver Shadow performing Arts Academy is a place where students are provided with an opportunity to display their innate abilities as well as the skills, which they develop with guidance from their nurturing tutors. I have also been exposed to the traditional Masquerade, which allows me to remain grounded in my Saint Lucian culture. I am a creative ball of energy who enjoys designing and spends my leisure time between the kitchen (baking) and my sewing machine, where I challenge my artistic abilities. My love for dance stems from the freedom it gives me to express my feelings and be myself.