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Kelsie de Freitas

My name is Kelsie De Freitas. I am 15 years old. I attend the International School of St Lucia. I am currently a member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy and I have been involved in dance for approximately 8 years. As a young creative student, I participate in singing, Modeling, Photography and I am also a theatre Arts Student. I first started at 6 years old by taking classes and performing with other dance Organizations, like the School of Ballet and Modern dance, Tapino Schools Dance Troupe and later transferred to Silver Shadow which to me felt like where I belonged. As a member of the academy for the past Four (4) years, I have performed in three (3) Major dance Recitals, two (2) Major Productions namely ‘Movements’ in 2018, and the Independence production of ‘St. Lucia Story’ in 2019. I have also participated in a number of special projects such as, the NETFLIX series ‘Restaurant on the Edge’ performing the Masquerade, National Independence Gospel Concert 2020, and 3rd Place Winners in Digicel Dance Challenge 2020. I am presently the Jr. Dance Captain for my Level which is a lot of responsibility; however it prepares me for the performance world. Dance is my way of communicating. Dance is my life; my future goal is to become an entrepreneur in the performing Arts; once a dancer always a dancer.