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Keishan Xavier

My name is Keishan Xavier, a 16 year old fifth form student of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School. From the age of 3 years, I have been interested in the arts in the forms of music, drama, arts and crafts, singing and drumming. At the age of 4 years, I was ready for dance, and this was when I enrolled in the Christylights Dance Academy, where I received the award for best dancer in my age category in the year 2009. Soon after, I joined the Silver Shadow Performing Arts academy while I participated in many music festivals and drama competitions and have been an active participant in the Cultural Development Foundation YSAP summer arts program for many years as extracurricular activities. Eventually as I developed into my talent as a dancer, all my energies and focus narrowed down to my commitments to my dancing and the dance academy. Being a member of the Silver Shadow molded me into the confident dancer that I am today. I have had many opportunities to perform with the academy which includes seven (7) dance recitals, two (2) Major productions namely Movements 2018 and the St Lucia Story 2019, three (3) National Arts Dance Festivals 2013, 2014 and 2019 organized by the Cultural Development Foundation. I have also done one regional tour, which was the KCCU annual dance competition held in St Vincent & the Grenadines in 2018 and being featured as a Masquerade dancer on Netflix’s series Restaurants on the Edge filmed in 2019. I am also a seasoned Masquerade dancer for many years. I am a very active member who participates in many performances such as all National Events including National Independence and Carnival Events. Silver Shadow has instilled in me the discipline to succeed. I hope to further my career as a creative entrepreneur who can fuse all my creative juices into a successful arts brand.