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Janiqueka Clery

I am 14 year old Janiqueka Clery, a student of the Ciceron Secondary School. I am a young aspiring artist with a keen interest in the Performing Arts namely singing, drama, make-up Artist, drawing, with a strong passion for dance. I started to dance at the age of 3 by performing for my family and friends. I later joined the Visual Impact Dance Academy to start my journey. As my passion and artistic curiosity grew, I became more involved in extracurricular activities such as my school Choir at the Camille Henry Memorial and at the Ciceron Secondary School. I have performed solo acts in the area of dance and singing at graduations, school activities and district activities. I sometimes teach dance to my peers at the school especially working with the theatre arts students. I recently decided to further my dance experience by becoming a member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy where I am hoping to improve on my dance skill. I have performed in one (1) Dance Recital and was part of the group performance which ranked 3rd place in the Digicel Dance Challenge 2020. My dream is to become an Artistic Director in the area of theatre.