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Gena Joseph

I am Gena Joseph an 18 years old second year student at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. I was always a very artistic individual who showed interest in many different areas such as arts and craft, music, singing, culinary arts and dance. In the year 2012, I placed 3rd in the junior category in the National Lantern Festival. I am a musician who plays the key board and have performed at many musical concerts. I have sung at many junior choir competitions placing in the top 3. As an aspiring Culinary student, known as my schools top chef, I participated in the OECS cake wars and in the Chefs in Schools Completion in 2019 which inspired me to establish my own cake business. Today I am the proud owner and founder of ‘Gena’s Tasty Treats’, a cake business, I have been managing over the last year. I started dancing at the age of five (5) when I was enrolled in the CAM Dancers group as well as the Helen Folk Dancers. In the year 2016 I then joined the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy. Becoming a member of the Academy enabled me to achieve the top performing grade for theatre arts dance at the CSEC level at my secondary school. The Academy introduced me to many genres of dance and different aspects of our culture. As I improved in dance the academy promoted me to more advanced classes, which afforded me the opportunities to perform at major local festivals and events such as Festival of Lights, October Fest, Creole Festivals, New Year’s performances, Independence parades and my biggest production the St. Lucian story in 2019. My future goal is to reach the highest level of dance that I possibly can and to continue to immerse myself in various cultures and art forms.