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Chrisla Emmanuel

Chrisla Emmanuel, a 16 years old student of the St Joseph’s Convent Secondary School forms part of the Main Company B of the Silver Shadows Performing Arts Academy. She is an active individual, who has many interests such as singing, saxophone, acting and of course, dance. Dance has been a big part of her life since the age of three. From her first class, she knew it was something that she always wanted to be a part of but now it has become a part of her. Throughout the years, her passion for dance never faltered and neither did her involvement in the art. Her passion has a lot to do with her love for music and the expression one can show through it, as well as her zeal for performance in general. Her experience at the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy has been nothing short of amazing. She has learned and accomplished so much and believes that it has truly made her a stronger dancer and person. Being a part of Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy coupled with the discipline and diligence it stands for, is an honor for Chrisla and she believes that this will remain with her for the rest of her life.