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Anya Sargusingh

My name is Anya Sargusingh, a 17 year old student currently enrolled at Monroe College with a major in Business Management. I became member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy in 2016. As a member of the academy for 4 years, I developed a deeper passion and understanding for the art form. Throughout my training with the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy, I participated in many performances such as Four (4) dance recitals, two (2) Major productions namely Movements in 2018 and the St Lucia Story in 2019. I did one regional tour, in the KCCU Annual dance competition held in St Vincent & the Grenadines in 2018. Locally I have performed at the Festival of Lights celebration, Masquerade at various events on island, Old Years Night performances at hotels, flash mobs, and the Independence Parade are just a few notable mentions. My most memorable performance experience is the cultural exchange trip to St. Vincent where we engaged with some of the island’s leading dance troupes. My greatest achievement today is being the first and only student at the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School to obtain a Grade One 1 in theatre Arts Dance CSEC/CXC examinations 2020. As I Continue to train with the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy, I hope to learn more about the art form and use my experience to become a professional in the industry.