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Abigayle Vernor

I am Abigayle Vernor, I began dancing at the tender age of two at the St. Lucia School of Ballet and Modern Dance during my preschool years and was also a member of the school dance troupe. At the age of seven years old, I became a member of a major local Liturgical-Gospel dance troupe where I performed in two major productions. Soon after, I become a member of Silver Shadows Performing Arts Academy. It’s being two years that I am a member of the academy, I first entered through Kids Dance Program and later on promoted to the Teen Company C where I am particularly interest in ballet and modern dance. I have a passion for creativity and love the arts including playing the steel pan, playing piano as well as singing. I am twelve years old Student who attends St. Joseph’s Convent secondary School. As a member of the Silver Shadow, I have participated in one Dance recital, the National independence parade and two other local performances. I hopes to pursue my love in the arts as I continue to dance through the years.