Team Shadow & Team Sparkle Wins Digicel Better together Dance Challenge

Over the last few months we have seen a major shift in the world’s economy due to this global pandemic, the Covid 19 outbreak. This virus has changed livelihoods and business sectors globally. Consequently, St Lucia is affected by this virus and by extension the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy. One of St. Lucia’s leading Cultural youth organizations designed to create avenues for talented youth in the performing arts, mainly dance, theatre Arts, Pageantry and youth development programs in the Arts. This setback has affected the dance academy financially. In light of this, an opportunity to aid in reducing the financial plunge of the academy did manifest itself.

Digicel St Lucia introduced their better together dance challenge which required individuals to creatively recreate their #BetterTogether dance to Subance Better Together jingle for a chance to win up to $3,500 in cash. Members of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy saw this as an excellent initiative to raise funds for the survival of the dance academy. They meticulously planned the dance concept, costume, location and other specifics required for producing a high end dance video for the competition. Upon much deliberation with creative minds they decided to enter two groups in the competition with a unique name; Team Sparke and Team Shadow. Both groups met at different days to learn and execute the choreography for the dance challenge. Finally, Team Sparkle and Team Shadow recorded their dance choreography and submitted it to Digicel St Lucia.

The journey did not stop there as the dance challenge required the video to have different forms of engagement such as likes, comments, shares and views. The members rallied their teams on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram to share their videos that were created. In a matter of hours the likes and views on the videos were increasing and more individuals were made aware of the competition. The competition started to get stiff and as such members continued working hard by sending broadcasted messages, reposting the video, uploading the link to the video on the Facebook and Whatsapp statuses as well as privately sending the link to the video to their friends and families. Eventually, the competition came to an end the final decision was being made by Digicel.

The members of the dance group monitored their social media pages very frequently to see when the winner is announced. A few days later, the results were posted on Digicel St Lucia Facebook and Instagram page with both groups placing in the top three. TeamShadow came in first place and TeamSparkle secured the third place. This was a momentous occasion for everyone in the dance academy and also the supporters. Everyone felt happy and content knowing that their objective was accomplished and the financial breakthrough for the dance academy was a major success.

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